What is the LOOT token?

CoinsLoot’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Our LOOT token based on the trusted and widely known ERC-20 protocol will be used by investors to stake on the smart contract to earn benefits with transactions overlapping the platform. During the ICO our soft cap goal is 1.5 million USDT and our hard cap goal is 5 million USDT, which we want to allocate for further development of our project and marketing. Thanks to the ICO process we already got above 100 trusted investors. Our ICO was planned in the 5th stages. Depending on the stage the ICO is on, the price of LOOT tokens will increase. After the final stage tokens will be listed on the major exchanges. The date of entry to the exchange of the new token is scheduled for March 24, 2021. Entry to top cryptocurrency exchanges will allow us, above all, to increase the credibility of the project and liquidity improvements.

Stake LOOT tokens and earn

Investors staking is one of the most important aspects in the whole CoinsLoot project. We prepared special rewards for our early investors. Investors who bought LOOT tokens during the ICO are able to stake them and earn profits on every transaction that occurs from users opening the loot boxes. Also, we introduced the staking age mechanism: the sooner LOOT tokens are staked, the more profit investors will earn. Keep in mind that 100% of profits from the smart contract will go to investors who have staked their LOOT Tokens. The total max supply of LOOT tokens is 100 million. 70% of that total supply was intended for the official ICO, where everyone is able to buy LOOT tokens and become an early investor of the project.

Both the cryptocurrency market, blockchain technology and loot boxes are developing fields, and applying them in one project makes it unstoppable. Being first in a niche is always a success guarantee. The best example of this is the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which, despite the appearance of many others, is still the most-chosen for investment.

Cooperation with prestigious brands and fully decentralized application are only few advantages of the CoinsLoot project. We created CoinsLoot in such a way that everyone can benefit. We are the first cryptocurrency project which offers users real world items for the cryptocurrencies, to change the world of cryptocurrencies.