What is CoinsLoot?

CoinsLoot is a new, revolutionary project on the cryptocurrency market. First fully decentralized platform with crypto loot boxes and native LOOT token based on trusted ERC-20 protocol. Users can purchase tokens, open boxes, and discover rewards, like the best available cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, all valuable DeFi tokens, and also real-world items, like limited gaming equipment, sneakers, and even a new model Tesla X!

What is CoinsLoot?

In order to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies, we conducted market research to see where the main problem is. Turned out that many people perceive investing in crypto as boring and not trustworthy.  To solve that, we decided to create a fully decentralized project that allows users to open loot boxes with cryptocurrencies. Taking full advantage of blockchain technology and the microtransactions market we made an unstoppable platform, which is able to change both the world of crypto and loot boxes.

What are loot boxes in CoinsLoot?

In traditional video games, loot boxes are giving you new gear or tools changing the appearance of the character. However, it is not only the content of loot boxes that attracts people so much. The whole thing is emotions, that feeling when you opening the loot box, find your reward, feel satisfaction, and encourage you to continue playing. And this is what we want to transfer to the world of cryptocurrencies.

How does the loot box system work in CoinsLoot?

The most important thing to know is that in CoinsLoot’s loot boxes we used a no-loss guarantee system, so you don’t need to be worried that the content of your box will be worthless.

Everyone is able to enter into the platform with any token based on ERC-20 protocol and open loot boxes with the selected value. You can choose among boxes with crypto, like Bitcoin Box, Tether Box, Ethereum Box, etc, and boxes with real-world items, like Sneaker, Luxury or even a Tesla Box! Even If you invested only 10 USDT, still have a big chance to receive 1 BTC. 

Why are Crypto loot boxes the future?

In CoinsLoot we believe that crypto loot boxes are the future. The combination of loot boxes with crypto and fully decentralized application makes our project not only very strong but also unique.

Cooperation with well-known prestigious brands provides excellent product quality and allows every user to receive top crypto or luxury limited gadgets, which are hard to get in the market.

What makes us even more unique is the fact that we are a world-first crypto project which is giving users entertainment. CoinsLoot is a great alternative to get cryptocurrencies without using the SWAP function.