Top Games with loot boxes

Recently, video games containing loot boxes became a main topic of discussion. According to the newest research, above 400 of the most popular desktop video games introduced the loot boxes in the Steam system by 2019. In turn, the number of microtransactions in which virtual items are purchased increased from 8 to 86 percent. What are the best games with loot boxes?

What is loot box?

Loot box is a container in computer games containing random virtual items. Depending on the production, it can be obtained for progressing in the game or buying for virtual (obtained in the game) or real money using micropayments. Inside the box, you may find a randomized selection of items like skins (to change the appearance of the character), new weapons or tools (to improve the character’s ability). Of course, items from the box can be used only in the game. The first loot boxes appeared in Asia, 2004, actually in the Japanese version of “MapleStory“, in which players were able to get an item called “Gachapon ticket” available per 100 Japanese yen per ticket.

The next example is the Chinese free-to-play game ZT Online released in 2007. ZT Online is considered as the first game that used the loot boxes system as a part of the video game and as a means to assure monetization from a game that they would otherwise not receive revenue from the base sale.

One of the first games which introduced the loot boxes outside of Asia was FIFA 09 which allowed players to create a team of association football players from in-game card pacts they opened using the game currency earned through the regular game or microtransactions.

What games have loot boxes?

In Europe and North America games on portals such as Facebook, which allowed players to make microtransactions to speed the game progress were very popular.

Overwatch is one of the first games that achieved great success thanks to the implementation of loot boxes. Immediately after that more and more games started to implement loot boxes, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in August 2013, adding “weapon cases” in an update, Battlefield 4 in October 2013, adding “battle packs”, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, released in November 2014, included “supply drops” that contained randomized items including different variants of the game’s weapons, character gear, and experience points that could be used to customize one’s character.

Why are loot boxes banned?

Loot boxes become regulated under national gambling laws in various countries, due to the fears of them being used as a source skin of gambling. Countries like Belgium and China have outlawed loot boxes in major video games, whereas countries like the United Kingdom and the United States still allow the practice. The government of Belgium ruled in 2018 that few games: FIFA 18, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Star Wars Battlefront II which contain a specifying loot box system may be considered as a form of gambling. The Commission stated that for loot boxes in Overwatch, the action of opening a loot box is a game of chance to receive items of some perceived value to players, and there is no means to directly purchase game currency to obtain a specific item, while games like FIFA 18 merge reality and fantasy by using real-life athletes to promote the loot box system.

Why do people love loot boxes?

The truth is that the video game industry perfectly knows that using loot boxes enjoys such success not only because of the content of the box. The thing is the excitement related to the process and opening a selected box. Of course, randomness and the possibility of a profitable win can be tempting. Purchase of loot boxes and microtransactions is always it can also be a new way of supporting the work of game developers and increased game purchases.

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