The future of Crypto Loot Boxes

The future of Crypto Loot Boxes

CoinsLoot is a completely new project offering loot boxes with crypto. In video games, loot boxes offer virtual items facilitating the passage of the game. Gaming companies offering different types of improvements. Thanks to microtransactions CoinsLoot is representing a completely different approach to Loot Boxes. CoinsLoot’s boxes are full of cryptocurrencies and real, valuable gadgets.

Adoption of the decentralized application makes our platform almost unstoppable.

Thanks to constant observation of the cryptocurrency market, we see that one of the fastest-growing popularity is DeFi. Many people believe that decentralized apps are more trustworthy than traditional apps. In CoinsLoot  we provide the best solutions and using decentralized applications means using all the potential that Blockchain technology gives both us as developers, our users and investors.

The main distinguishing feature of CoinsLoot is letting entertainment into the crypto world. Almost 80% people who are investing in cryptocurrencies using the SWAP function, the whole process takes a few minutes, so to diversify this practice, we have created the most entertaining platform for obtaining crypto by opening loot boxes, introducing a chance to get real gadgets, which was possible thanks to cooperation with top luxury brands.

Changing people’s approach to loot boxes is also one of the priorities of our project.

According to, we introduced no loss guarantee system, so every user can be 100% sure that the content of each loot box is always valuable and real. We also want everyone to be able to enjoy the most limited gadgets and have the opportunity to expand their crypto portfolio, so we have created a platform that is friendly, easy to use and with a global reach. Thanks to the ICO/IEO process we did everything so that people from all over the world could learn about our project and have the opportunity to become our early investors, which will pay off even more when the LOOT token will appear on international cryptocurrency exchanges. Our publications, as well as the content we create, are published in several languages: English, Turkish, Chinese and even more. Our press release was published on top websites related to cryptocurrencies, but not only. You can read about us on: PR News, UzmanCoin, Business Insider, Bitcoin PR Buzz and many, many more. 

We used 100% of the best in Loot Boxes: our Dapp provides entertainment and allows you to get valuable cryptocurrencies and gadgets. The only limitation we have is the number of our LOOT tokens. So… hurry up!